Global News CeeLo Talks The GOOD Life With The NY Post

CeeLo spoke with Andrea Morabito of the NY Post to discuss reuniting with his best friends the Goodie Mob for their new reality show CeeLo Green's The GOOD Life, which premieres tonight on TBS at 10:30pm ET. CeeLo had this to say about the group and the show:

“We had been kind of separate from each for an extended period of time — to see us kind of gel back together, you see function and dysfunction. It’s that dynamic, that combustible quality with a bit of comedy smashed in there.” 

The six-episode series comes off as part reality, part sitcom (ala “Duck Dynasty”), where Green and the gang are given a premise then let loose to riff. “The show is highly improvisational,”Green says.

“I hate to insult the integrity of it by saying we winged it completely, but I guess in all honesty we kind of did.”

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Posted: Mon 23 Jun 2014

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