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  • US News That's one big pinata

    That's one big pinata

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    Happy Birthday to Pretzel M&Ms! Cee Lo made a special guest appearance today at the celebration in New York City, where the World Record was set for largest pinata (filled with Pretzel M&Ms!)

    Posted: Thu 04 Aug 2011

  • US News "F** Her Too!" t shirt

    'F** Her Too!' t shirt

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    You may or may not have spotted a certain popstar by the name of Justin Bieber rocking Cee Lo's 'F** Her Too!' shirt all over the web today... So we're just letting you know where you can find them in case you wanted to invest in one yourself!

    F**k Her Too t-shirt $20 - BUY

    Posted: Thu 04 Aug 2011

  • US News Talking To Strangers: Kelly Rowland Part II

    Talking To Strangers: Kelly Rowland Part II

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    If you enjoyed last week's episode of Talking To Strangers with Kelly Rowland, then you're in luck because this week is a continuation of her interview with Cee Lo.

    Catch Talking To Strangers tonight 11pm/10C only on Fuse TV.

    Posted: Wed 03 Aug 2011

  • US News New Shirt Alert!

    New Shirt Alert!

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    Stay fresh this summer with some new threads from the Cee Lo merch store. We just added this slick champagne t-shirt, which was previously only available on tour, just $20.

    Champagne Slim Fit T-Shirt $20.00 BUY

    Posted: Tue 02 Aug 2011

  • US News Cee Lo Appears On American Dad!

    Cee Lo Appears On American Dad!

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    Cee Lo will feature in the 7th season premiere of American Dad on September 24th at 7:30PM EST on Fox. He appears as the Smith's new evil singing hot tub!


    Posted: Thu 28 Jul 2011

  • Global News Cee Lo Facebook Status App

    Cee Lo Facebook Status App

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    Given the nature of song (we're talking about 'F**k You' of course) it only seems fitting that Cee Lo has his very of relationship status on Facebook! Head over to Absolut Distilled Facebook tab HERE to access it and add this cheeky message to your profile.

    Posted: Thu 28 Jul 2011



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    The final part of Cee Lo's Lady Killer tour documentary is now live on

    CLICK HERE to watch it now!

    Posted: Thu 28 Jul 2011

  • US News WWE Summer Slam

    WWE Summer Slam

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    Cee Lo will be performing at the WWE's Summer Slam on August 14th in Los Angeles.

    And not only that, but 'Bright Lights Bigger City' is actually the official theme song of Summer Slam. Nice.

    For more information, visit

    Posted: Wed 27 Jul 2011

  • Global News Talking To Strangers: Kelly Rowland

    Talking To Strangers: Kelly Rowland

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    For this week's installment of Talking To Strangers, we're flipping things up... the tables are being turned as Kelly Rowland interviews Cee Lo! Oh snap.

    Get a glimpse of the interview below, as well as clip of Cee Lo performing 'Forget You'.

    Tune into Fuse TV tonight to watch Talking To Strangers at 11PM EST.

    Posted: Wed 27 Jul 2011

  • US News 2011 Do Something Awards

    2011 Do Something Awards

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    Back in May, Cee Lo recorded 'Thank You', another rewrite of his single 'Forget You' as part of a campaign to donate 20 million batteries to volunteer fire departments. For those who don't know, it's a cause close to Cee Lo's heart and a tribute to volunteer firefighters for saving his mother.

    'Thank You' has been nominated for Charity Song in the 2011 VH1 Do Something Awards, which takes place on August 18 at 9PM EST on VH1.

    If you'd like to see 'Thank You' win the title as Charity Song, please take a moment to vote for it on here.

    Posted: Tue 26 Jul 2011

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